BTS ARMY Makes A Hilarious Cameo In “Hotel Del Luna”

A ghost repped the fandom in this spooky K-Drama.

ARMY‘s love for BTS goes beyond the grave in the spooktacular K-Drama, Hotel del Luna. 


Hotel del Luna takes place at a hotel for ghosts who wish to sort out unfinished business before crossing a bridge to the afterlife. Some of these guests get to use a special “dream phone” that allows them to speak to the living through dreams.


Most ghosts speak to their families, but one dedicated ghost ARMY had other plans!  In Episode 11, a deceased ARMY used the phone to tell BTS how thankful she is for them and how much she adores their music.


When IU‘s character, CEO Jang Man-wol, realized the ARMY was dream-talking to her BTS “oppas” not her real oppas (brothers), she wasn’t pleased.


After the call was cut short, the ARMY kissed the phone…


…and made her exit while singing and dancing to BTS’s “FAKE LOVE”.


Knowing that Jungkook is a huge IU fan and a close friend of Yeo Jin Goo (Manager Goo Chan-sung), adds another layer of comedy to this hilarious scene.


Using a dream phone to call your bias might seem crazy to some, but if that’s the only chance you get, why not go for it?


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