BTS Remain Humble Kings Who Continue To Perfect Their Craft

They never forget where they came from.

Big Hit Entertainment released a new video for BANGTANTV and gave insider footage of what happened before the 2019 MMA performance.

This 20+minute video gave insight into what went down for BTS before their large-scale performance last year. The video revealed the members rehearsing and pre-recording portions of the show as well as snippets from the actual award ceremony.

Fans noticed that throughout the entire rehearsal and recording process that the boys continued to worry and be dissatisfied with their performance, knowing that they could do even better. This touched fans hearts as it showed that just how humble and grateful they were for what they were doing regardless of being worldwide stars and being a 7 year veteran in the K-Pop industry.

During RM‘s solo rehearsal, he continued to worry about his voice and how he would go through with the rest of the recording. However, once the camera started rolling, he continued to push through and show a professional side to him.

After completing his portion of the performance, he hoped that fans would enjoy the performance, showing that he continued to think about his fans even after finishing the recording.

Jimin also commented about the fans and how he hoped that they would enjoy the show as they worked very hard on their performances.

BTS’s dance leader J-Hope could also be seen thinking the same thing. Even though his recording sessions were great, he still felt that he could have done better.

Golden maknae Jungkook was also disappointed in his solo recording and wished he could have done it better.

He explains that he couldn’t do it perfectly because there was nothing holding him to turn around faster.

These videos continue to show how humble BTS is in that no matter how big they become, they never forget where they came from and always try to better themselves for their fans.

Watch the full video below!