BTS Did An ASMR Video For Hyundai Palisade And It’s Giving Us Shivers

ARMYs now have a BTS ASMR video to soothe them.

Hyundai has taken their BTSPalisade commercials to the next level by releasing a shiver-inducing ASMR video.


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a soothing sensation that gives listeners a relaxing “brain massage” through pleasant sounds like whispers. ASMR videos are all the rage on YouTube, and now ARMYs have one just for them.


Hyundai’s video features extreme close-ups of the BTS members’ faces as they repeatedly say the word “Palisade” with increasing volume. The video has a hypnotic effect, and it effectively puts the Hyundai Palisade on listeners’ minds without even showing the car!


Check out the whole video to see (and hear) why everyone’s getting goosebumps.