The BTS Hyungs Once Couldn’t Help But Smile Thinking About How Much Jungkook Grew Up

Jungkook used to be a lot different when he was younger!

While BTS‘s Jungkook is now known as the talented and playful maknae (youngest) of the group, he wasn’t always this way.

When BTS guested on New Yang Nam Show, the BTS hyungs spoke on how much Jungkook had changed since he was younger, and they couldn’t help but smile a bit.

During the episode, the members shared that when Jungkook was younger, he was extremely shy, and if someone asked him to sing, he wasn’t able to due to his shyness.

In fact, if someone continuously asked him to sing when he was younger, Jungkook would cry.

However, Jungkook was eventually able to get over his shyness. When the hyungs thought about how much Jungkook grew up, they cracked a smile.

Here’s the full video below!