The BTS Hyungs Once Got “Jealous” Because Of Jungkook’s Action Towards Jimin

Jungkook was being a little “biased” towards Jimin?

BTS‘s Jungkook loves all of his hyungs, and the hyungs also love him just as much.

However, there was one moment when the hyungs got a little “jealous” due to Jungkook’s action towards Jimin.

During their anniversary broadcast in 2017, the members were talking about how Jimin was the only member Jungkook gave a birthday present to.

The other members also noted that Jungkook usually doesn’t give birthday presents, but he decided to change this “tradition” for Jimin.

When Jungkook gave Jimin his birthday present, the other members assumed that Jungkook was going to give presents to all the members on their birthdays, but this wasn’t the case.

Jin even spoke about how he told Jungkook what he wanted for his birthday.

Jungkook didn’t seem to mind, as he told Jin that he would get the present for his birthday. However, when Jin’s birthday came, all he got was a “Hey, happy birthday!”

After being “jealous” for a few minutes, the members praised their maknae by talking about how he’s always giving out items that he doesn’t need so generously.

The hyungs decided to view these as their birthday presents.

When Jungkook said that he would start getting all the members’ birthday presents, the hyungs cutely declined his offer.

Here’s the full video below!