This New Fan Theory About BTS’s “IDOL” Might Hurt Your Brain

Get ready for a blast from the past.

There’s no denying that “IDOL” is a huge departure from BTS‘s previous work, both musically and visually, that pushes BTS in a refreshing new direction, but some fans have found clues that link the “IDOL” MV with BTS’s previous ones.


“IDOL” is more vibrant, eccentric, and seemingly disjointed than BTS’s older MVs like “I NEED U”, the music video that launched a thousand fan theories.


Its closest relative could be “DNA”, which also pushed BTS’s boundaries with its sound and colourful flare.


Even so, Twitter user taehyungsrarity believes that the “IDOL” MV is recreating scenes to continue BTS’s ongoing (neverending?) storylines.


She has combed through BTS’s MV collection and made some intriguing connections.


This sunrise table scene from “IDOL” could be recreating the sunset table scene from…


…”Blood, Sweat & Tears”.


This glass box could be an ode to the glass box in…




These arches could be referencing the one from…




This massive dance formation might be tied to the one in…


…”Not Today”.


This energetic party scene may be connected to…


… “FIRE”.


The airplane scene in “IDOL” is likely a nod to J-Hope’s solo release…




And, at the end of “IDOL”, BTS sits in chairs, facing the camera, like they did in…


…”Just One Day”.


These are just some of the many “clues” ARMYs have stumbled on while watching the video.


Some ARMYs, on the other hand, are 200% done with theories. They believe that “IDOL” is meant to be a stand-alone MV with a strong emphasis on self-love and freedom of expression.


What do you think?