BTS Reveal How Their Injuries Affect Them Physically And Mentally

This is how it affects them individually, and as a group.

As professional performers, BTS strives to put their health first, but illnesses and injuries aren’t always preventable.


In Episode 5 of the Bring The Soul docu-series, the members reveal how health setbacks affect them individually, and as a team. In Europe, Jungkook injured his foot while stretching, and he had to stay seated on stage until he recovered.


At the time, Jungkook was upset with himself for getting hurt…


…but he tried not to let it affect him, for the sake of the group.


According to V, the injury affected Jungkook just as much mentally as it did physically.

He was warming up for a better performance, and it’s a real pity he was injured. He has so much passion for the stage, so I knew he was going to be very upset.

— V


Jimin also shared his thoughts, having experienced a similar situation himself.


During their tour, Jimin’s cramped muscles prevented him from appearing on The Graham Norton Show. Like Jungkook, sitting out of the show caused Jimin stress.


Whenever one member is hurt, the others try to make up for it by pushing themselves harder, which only leads to more injuries. To prevent this, BTS’s dance director Son Sung Deuk, advised them to perform within their limits and make sure no one pushed themselves too far.


Suga and Jin also talked about how all the members experience minor aches and pains, and they have to figure out how to work around this.


During the Love Yourself, Jin realized just how important it is to take care of their health, not just for themselves and for their team, but for the fans’ experience too.