BTS’s Inside Joke About Harry Style’s “Watermelon Sugar” Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

🎶Watermelon Suga🎶

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, BTS promoted their single “Dynamite.” Of course, since it was for their British audience, the interviewers were curious to find out what British music artists the members were listening to.

| Good Morning Britain/YouTube

It came to no surprise that, like all of us, the members had been listening to Harry Styles. They responded to the question by singing a special rendition of one of his hit songs, “Watermelon Sugar.”

| Good Morning Britain/YouTube

The best part is that they gave their own twist on their lyrics, alternatively singing, “Watermelon Suga, hi!” They laughed, and RM pointed towards Suga, saying, “Yo, we got a special Suga here,” before he continued to sing, “Korean Suga, hi!” Jimin joined in at the end too by singing, “BTS Suga, hi!” Suga himself joined in by waving!

| Good Morning Britain/YouTube

This was not the first and hopefully not the last time that BTS sang their unique cover of “Watermelon Sugar.” They joked again with Suga while singing the song in one of their interviews with SiriusXM too.

You can watch their full interview for Good Morning Britain below:

Source: Good Morning Britain and Harry Styles