Retirement Plans of 2 BTS Members Resurface from a past Interview in 2013

Some members wish to continue their musical journey, while others simply want to retire.

In the midst of BTS‘s outstanding popularity all around the world, a past interview from 2013 has resurfaced, where 2 of the members revealed their plans for retirement.

During the interview, the members were asked how they picture themselves when they go from “bulletproof boys” to “bulletproof seniors”.

Some of the members expressed to continue their musical journey even to seniorhood.

I want to keep rapping and making music even into my 50s.

– Suga


I want to become a much cooler and much more memorable singer by then.

– Jimin


I want to compose music.

– Jimin

And J-Hope gave a meaningful answer by mentioning his future children…

I want to make my children listen to all my past albums.

– J-Hope

While RM made financial stability his main priority.

I want to be more financially stable.

– RM

But two of the members drew particular interest with their plans for retirement.

When I get old, I want to go to the countryside and build a house to live in.

– Jin


I’m going to retire at 40 and dedicate my time to my family and wife. I want to become that cool senior that wears a beret and coat while throwing shrimp crackers to pigeons. 


Whatever their future plans may be, they truly deserve the very best after all their hard work.

Source: Insight