BTS Members Unveil Shocking Magic Trick: Walking On Air

You’re going to want to try this challenge too after you see it!

In a recent broadcast, the BTS members took on the viral invisible box meme! The meme was started by a high school cheerleader that went instantly viral after she posted it on Twitter.

The members were each tasked with clearing the challenge as best as they could and first practiced over a real box.

Suga was first, who made sure to measure his invisible box but failed a little as his foot wobbled. He was also wearing a big character suit, probably from losing some previous bet or game.

Jimin was up next and everyone was shocked he got it so close! His foot only moved slightly off.

RM tried it too but almost twisted his ankle.

V gets an A for effort…

While Jin knew just the best way to make a joke out of the challenge.

J-Hope and Jungkook were definitely the winners!