BTS’s J-Hope Accidentally Called Jimin “Jungkook” — It Didn’t Go Well

There’s only one “JK”, and it’s not Jimin.

If you want to stay in Jimin‘s good graces, don’t forget his name. J-Hope knows this all too well!

BTS shared a behind the scenes video filmed at Antony Gormley‘s “New York, Clearing” sculpture in New York for their “CONNECT, BTS” project. In it, “3J” (Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook) filmed mini-movies on their phones…

…while slowly freezing to death.

Unfortunately, the cold didn’t just affect their bodies. It also scrambled J-Hope’s brain! While reviewing footage, J-Hope accidentally called Jimin “JK”…

…and Jimin was not having it. He walked off as J-Hope pleaded for him to come back.

“Say you’re sorry,” Jimin said. “I’m so sorry,” J-Hope replied, giggling nonstop.

Brain freeze: almost ending friendships since 2020!

Watch the video here: