BTS’s J-Hope Accidentally Made The “Run BTS!” Staff Get Defensive

J-Hope agreed with the staff member.

BTS has a great relationship with the Run BTS! staff, and there have been many playful moments between them. BTS recently collaborated with tvN‘s The Game Caterers for Run BTS! In an episode, J-Hope accidentally made the Run BTS! staff get defensive!

BTS’s J-Hope

The members selected random missions and were told that the grand prize would be ₩700,000 KRW (about $625 USD) worth of gift certificates.

| 채널 십오야/YouTube

J-Hope was shocked when he heard this and said that this kind of prize was “unheard of on Run BTS!

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A Run BTS! staff member was nearby and told J-Hope that they’d given a prize that was worth ₩500,000 KRW (about $447 USD) before.

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J-Hope remembered this and laughingly agreed with the staff member!

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Here’s the full video below!