BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How His View Of His Birthday Changed After He Debuted

J-Hope used to view his birthday differently.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently held a live broadcast in celebration of his birthday, and he had a smile on his face throughout the broadcast.

In the past, J-Hope didn’t think his birthday was that big of a deal. While J-Hope was appreciative of his parents for giving birth to him, he never made a big deal about his birthday.

This changed after J-Hope debuted, as many people started showering him with love on his birthday. Due to all the love J-Hope receives, he feels extremely happy.

J-Hope concluded by saying that he’s a “lucky person” and that he will always be grateful for the amount of love he receives.

J-Hope is such a sweetheart!

BTS’s J-Hope
Source: Naver Live