BTS’s J-Hope Is The Delivery Man We All Need In Our Quarantine Life

Who wouldn’t want to have Hope’s Delivery Service in their life?

Right now, most of the world is in lockdown to fight the spread of COVID-19. Going to a restaurant is out of the question, but thankfully, there’s delivery!

Question: What’s better than delicious food you don’t have to cook yourself? Answer: This handsome delivery man bringing it to your door.

In an episode of BTS‘s Burn The StageSuga fell asleep in his hotel room. He might have gone hungry if Delivery Man J-Hope didn’t show up.

J-Hope cheerfully said, “I’m your hope”, to announce himself…

…then handed the food over through a crack in the door.

“He looks so refreshed,” J-Hope said, smiling as he left.

After receiving food from Hope’s Delivery Service, who wouldn’t be?