BTS J-Hope’s Dream Is To Bring People Together Through Their Love For Dance

Dancers unite!

Fans know that BTS’s ray of sunshine J-Hope becomes a totally different person when it comes to dance.

When asked when he knew he wanted to dance, J-Hope commented, “In my case, I danced at a retreat in the fifth grade and it was then that I just knew intuitively that I had to dance and I trusted myself.”

A fan once asked leader RM through a live stream if J-Hope was ever scared of doing choreography that required jumping from high places.

I think because dancing is his forte, he doesn’t get afraid. I have never seen J-Hope be afraid while doing choreography. He is always the one to lead us in the front so being afraid and J-Hope never meet when doing choreography.

⁠— RM

As a dancer, one of his dreams came true after he released “Chicken Noodle Soup.” This song was meaningful to him because it was the first song he listened to when he first learned to dance.

Being a former street dancer, J-Hope never forgot where he came from and listed all the dancers in his music video credits.

The ending of the music video was added after it was personally requested by J-Hope.

“This part of the video I asked the music video director to add it in for me,” he said. “The set vibe was great and I wanted those that were watching to be able to feel it too.”

It looks like J-Hope’s dream came true of being able to bring people together for their love of dance!

Source: theqoo