BTS’s J-Hope Feels A Sense Of Duty When It Comes To Dancing

His hope is to have more people understand the essence of dance.

BTS’s J-Hope knew from a young age that dancing was his calling in life. The amount of passion and drive he holds towards dancing is truly an inspiration to the fans and to viewers around the world.

In a 2014 interview with Big Hit’s performance director Son Sung Deuk, he reveals that “it would have been hard to practice if we didn’t have J-Hope. It seems like he has a sense of duty and responsibility when it comes to dance.”

After hearing this, J-Hope was quite surprised.

Truthfully, our members aren’t the best at dancing. Even our teacher said that we were probably the only team that had so many newbies to dance. After hearing this, I thought a lot about my history with dance and I felt that I would be able to lead our group into making it work.

— J-Hope

He felt a big responsibility to take charge of the choreography for the future of the group.

That’s why I started leading dance practice since our trainee days in order to have the other members gain a sense of fun and interest in dancing. I always had the thought that if I became lazy with dancing that the other members would become like that too. In terms of choreography, I would usually be the one to quickly lead everyone into getting it down. Although it’s hard for me to too, I try not to show it that much.

— J-Hope

Not only did J-Hope feel a sense of duty in helping the members with dance, he also wanted to help fans and other people gain more of an understanding of different styles of dance.

In his 2016 Hope on the Street Live 2 video, he demonstrates different dance genres as a way to spread more awareness about street dancing.

It seems like a lot of you don’t know what kind of dance I’m doing. I’ve been dancing street style for quite a while everyone. I’ve been posting a lot of my freestyle videos on the blog so that I can look back at some old memories.

In today’s live I will be showing you street popping. A lot of people don’t know about street these days. I guess it’s because these days urban dance has become more of a trend, which is cool too. But street has its own charisma too. Going forward, I hope to show a lot of this style of dance through our choreography and try to show more of this style of dance to our fans and to the public.

— J-Hope

J-Hope’s pure intention in wanting to spread the culture of dance while showing his personal journey as a dancer has touched the hearts of many. All hail our dance leader J-Hope!

Source: theqoo