J-Hope Reveals The Hardest Part Of BTS’s “Speak Yourself” World Tour

J-Hope and V shared their thoughts on this with fans.

BTS‘s world tour has been a blast for BTS and ARMY, but it isn’t without its challenges.


In addition to hours and hours of practice and preparation, a world tour requires constant timezone adjustments and traveling. So far, BTS have traveled to the US, Brazil, the UK, and France for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour. They’ll be finishing up the last of the currently listed dates in Japan come July.


In a live broadcast with V J-Hope said that the long flight duration times have been the most difficult part of this tour.


He hopes that transportation technology will improve so that they can travel to their concert stops in half the time.


That way, V said that they could also fly to countries they’ve never been to before to meet even more ARMYs.


The day after BTS’s last Paris concert at Stade de France, they flew 11 hours back to Korea for their annual Muster celebrations in Busan (June 15) and Seoul (June 23).


Here’s hoping that BTS get some well-deserved rest before they have to fly out of the country again!