BTS’s J-Hope Shares His Thoughts About First Family Trip To Hawaii

This was a meaningful time for him.

With the recent news about BTS starting Instagram, the members have been busy trying to adjust and get used to the platform. In particular, J-Hope has been consistent in his Instagram theme and concept, using retro style polaroid frames to decorate his page.

Most recently, he posted a message and photos revealing his thoughts about his family trip to Hawaii. What’s different about this post was that he posted his message in both Korean and English, making it easier for fans around the world.

This was our first family trip, and it was so special and meaningful. Weather was kind of tough and not everything went smooth, but going over the photos makes me realize what a special memory it’ll be.
I heard during our trip that we’re starting our Instagram, so I tried to take even more pictures than usual because I really wanted to share them with you.
I’ll try to share some of my daily life on Instagram, and put some of my maybe cringey but still my very own emotions into it too.
Hope you like it 😉 Welcome to my HOPEWORLD 🌏

— J-Hope

Fans were happy to see that he had a great time and made amazing memories with his family during the holidays. We’re excited to see what other photos he has to share with fans!

Source: Instagram