J-Hope And Jimin Reinvented Exercise During Jungkook’s Mini-Crisis

Two very different things were happening at once in this behind the scenes video.

Working out with friends is way more fun than working out alone, especially if those friends are J-Hope and Jimin!


BTS always finds new ways to entertain themselves at the gym, whether it’s dramatically lifting feather-light dumbells…

…playing favorites with their trainers…


…or leaping through the air.

On August 28, BangtanTV uploaded a hilarious “workout” session where J-Hope went from stretching Jimin’s legs…


…to turning him into a workout machine! As J-Hope did cardio…

…and presses, Jimin was all smiles.

Meanwhile, Gym King Jungkook was having a crisis, off-camera. If there’s one thing that outweighs his love for exercise, it’s his love for food.



The whole time Jimin and J-Hope were exercising, Jungkook was complaining about his poorly-cooked, impossible to cut, fatty steak!

rare cut cooked cut2 fat what cooked2  lump


Check out the whole hilarious moment here:

. . .