BTS’s J-Hope Can Always Count On Jungkook To Save Him

This scaredy-cat is safe from his “mortal enemies” when Jungkook is around.

Who needs Anpanman when they have Jungkook? Not J-Hope!

BTS‘s youngest member is a fearless daredevil who can handle horror movies, heights, and zombies without any problems.

J-Hope is, well, not.

Thankfully, J-Hope can count on Jungkook to protect him from his mortal enemies: bugs. When this insidious insect attacked him on Bon Voyage 4, he called on Jungkook to take care of it.

The Golden Bug Killer was armed and ready for battle!

Then there was that time on In the SOOP, when J-Hope went from laughing during dinner…

…to fearing for his life! He cried out for Jungkook to save him while using him as a human shield.

Bugs stand no chance against this dream team!


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