BTS’s J-Hope Got Ditched At A Gas Station, And It’s All Because Of Jin

Here’s the whole store behind this epic prank.

BTS‘s J-Hope was stranded in New Zealand, but why? The whole story has finally been revealed!


Last week, a clip for Bon Voyage 4 showed J-Hope calling his members from a gas station, demanding to know why they drove off without him. Episode 3 revealed that it was all a prank masterminded by Jin!


When J-Hope popped into the rest stop to get a refund, Jin jumped into action.


Some members were reluctant to leave J-Hope behind, but Jin convinced them to go along with the prank.


As they drove away, Suga (who was unaware of the plot until then) called the pranksters “mean” for ditching J-Hope…


…but was all for it!


When J-Hope realized what had happened, he was totally dumbfounded. They left? They just left? Yes. Yes, they did.


J-Hope called Jimin, demanding to know why he’d been ditched…


…and Jimin couldn’t stop laughing!


“You guys are jerks!” J-Hope exclaimed, when Jin finally went back to pick him up. The prank was a success!