BTS J-Hope’s Lollapalooza Performance Reaps Rave Reviews from Locals

They were pumped up, jumping and screaming!

BTS J-Hope‘s astounding performances during the 2022 Lollapalooza Music Festival garnered rave reviews not only from ARMYs but also from non-fans and locals. From an audience of thousands who flocked to see J-Hope perform solo for the first time, a few were stunned by his performance enough to take to social media and commend him for his hard work.

“Just came back from the show and as someone who’s never heard of this guy but obviously have heard of who BTS was, I went in with an open mind since he was the headliner who replaced Doja Cat and man I can say he exceeded my expectations. Easily one of the best performers of the night and I was looking around the venue and these people were literally singing these songs word for word in a different language and holding this bubble stick up the entire time and IDK what song the 3rd one was that had crazy ass trap beat but I need to find it and need it on my playlist (also the where he’s singing when he first got the mic) loved his voice on that track. His songs were extremely diverse and just overall fun to watch. An incredible performer and I did not expect him to have that much energy I would’ve been burnt out by the 4th song lool.”

J-Hope’s boundless energy indeed was infectious!

Rock/Pop fan here, my top 5 fave bands ATM are Foo Fighter, NIN, Metallica, Weezer, and QOTSA. Knowing that, you’d think I would go for Green Day, but I had a feeling it would be a repeat performance of Hella Mega, Shaky Knees, and Innings Fest. (I was right) Instead I went to J-Hope since it would be a rare opportunity to see something very different, K-pop! It was an incredible performance, and I was stunned by the crowd interaction. I even found myself headbanging to some of the songs too! It was a great way to end the festival weekend, I can safely say that I get it. It was definitely a stand out performance for me and it’s having me rethink my top 5 for this year.


All these rave reviews prove that J-Hope’s leap of faith to perform before a crowd beyond ARMYs was worth the risk. His Lollapalooza performance brings to mind a statement he made during his interview for W Korea, giving an inspiring reason behind all his hard work.

These days, my needs and desires are large and numerous, but rather than ‘I want to be recognized’, it is closer to ‘I want people to know that my country exists’

–J-Hope/W Korea Interview