BTS’s J-Hope Gives ARMY A Private Tour Of His New Music Studio

J-Hope gave ARMY the grand tour of his new studio and revealed why his old one has a special place in his heart.

On January 28, BTS‘s J-Hope kicked off his first live stream of 2019 by showcasing his studio for the very first time. 


The studio, called “Hope World”, is located inside of BigHit Entertainment‘s new office. J-Hope has filled it with treasures such as a framed “Hope World” poster, a BT21 Mang pillow, his KAW collection, “Hope on the Street” hats, and character plushies.


Eagled-eyed fans spotted a number of Easter eggs in the video, including this flamingo won during Bon Voyage 3 and gave to J-Hope as a gift.


During the tour, this lyric video for J-Hope’s “1 VERSE” played in the background, bringing tons of joy to the fan who made it.


Although BTS’s big move happened months ago, this is the first time J-Hope has given ARMY a tour of his new workspace.


J-Hope said that his old studio was much smaller compared to the other members’. It was initially one of BTS’s rooms that he converted for his own use. Even though his new studio is much larger and a better expression of himself, he felt attached to his old studio because his Hope World mixtape was born there.


During this live, J-Hope also named the top idols he considers to be his biggest rivals.

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