BTS’s J-Hope Once Fainted Due To Exhaustion While Filming A Music Video

He didn’t even rest for a full day after fainting.

It’s quite well known that BTS are extremely hard workers, to the point where some fans worry about their health.

J-Hope even once fainted due to exhaustion when he was filming a music video.

During an interview, the members revealed that J-Hope fainted when they were filming the music video for “Boy In Luv”. The members were surprised when this happened because J-Hope had looked fine when the filming began in the morning, and he showed no signs of fatigue.

J-Hope shared that he was probably a little overworked that day. He also shared that he felt fine after he went to the hospital.

J-Hope ended up resting for less than a full day, as he returned to filming after he went to the hospital.

Here’s the full video below!