BTS’s J-Hope Once Nearly Cursed On Broadcast Due To Jungkook’s Savageness

Jungkook is quite the playful maknae.

BTS‘s J-Hope is a ball of sunshine and is rarely seen getting upset.

However, there have been a few instances where he nearly did get upset on camera. One of these times was due to Jungkook‘s savageness.

It’s no secret that Jungkook is a savage to his hyungs, as one of the ways he shows love to them is by being extremely playful with them. Despite this, the hyungs can seemingly never get mad at their maknae.

When BTS were creating their characters for BT21, J-Hope thought about making a horse.

J-Hope then got stuck when thinking about how he would draw a horse.

Jungkook then gave a savage response to J-Hope, saying that he should just look in the mirror and draw himself.

J-Hope laughed and told Jungkook that since there’s a camera, he shouldn’t make him want to start swearing.

Here’s the full video below!