BTS’s J-Hope Opens Up On How TXT Fulfilled One Of His Dreams

“It feels like that came true.”

Over the years, BTS have accomplished many goals and worked hard to achieve their dreams. Even so, J-Hope still had dreams that couldn’t quite be reached through those methods.

He opened up about what one of them was and how TXT ended up fulfilling it for him.

When asked for his feelings on the artists of Big Hit Entertainment being able to gather together, J-Hope was happy to speak up about TXT in particular. Turning toward Suga beside him, he revealed, “It was a dream of mine, having a new group join us.”

Suga seemed to understand what he was feeling, nodding along. J-Hope also pointed out, “…since it was only us and Lee Hyun in the company.” Although BTS have proved they can undoubtedly do it all on their own, that didn’t mean they weren’t lonely.

From J-Hope’s perspective, there was something more he’d always been missing. That something was the dream of finally “having that sense of family.”

The debut of TXT was more than just a group joining the company. It was the completion of their family, the missing piece of the puzzle. Because of that, J-Hope felt that he’d finally fulfilled his dream, “It feels like that came true today.”

While the Big Hit Entertainment family photoshoot had been exactly what fans were waiting to see, it was a much deeper moment for J-Hope.

Watch him open up about finally feeling that heart-warming family vibe beyond his own group thanks to TXT.