J-Hope’s Chat With ARMY Lit Up The Night With Sunshine

He dropped by for a surprise chat with his fans before going to bed.

What are you doing 1:00 AM? If you’re J-Hope, the answer is, “not sleeping!”


At 1:00 AM (KST), J-Hope kicked off his Halloween with a late-night Weverse visit. First, he shared this photo of himself and Jungkook backstage at Seoul Olympic Stadium…


…followed by this selfie with his dog, Mickey, three minutes later.


“Hoseok-oppa,” one fan wrote. “What are you up to, not sleeping?” and J-Hope wrote back, “I’m going to sleep now.” That wasn’t exactly true!


Instead of sleeping, J-Hope spent the next twenty minutes spreading love and sunshine by commenting on ARMY posts.


He replied to fans in both Korean and English…


…on posts about himself, BTS’s last Speak Yourself concert…

Fan: “Hobi-oppa, is this the new CNS [“Chicken Noodle Soup”] dance?”

J-Hope: (laughs)


…and his members.

Fan: “I’m going to sue Min Yoongi,,,,,”

J-Hope: “Skillful hyung” 


J-Hope wrote his last post of the night at 1:23 AM (KST). Fans hope that he’ll sleep well and come back to chat with them again soon!

Thank you always, ARMY ㅠ.ㅠzzzzz I’m going to sleep ㅠ.ㅠzzzzz