BTS’s J-Hope Praised For How He Credited The Original Rapper Of “Chicken Noodle Soup”

J-Hope shows everyone how it should really be done.

In the music industry, it can be difficult for artists to receive credit for the effort they’ve put into making music.


BTS‘s J-Hope made sure that wasn’t the case for the original rapper of “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

Since the song always held a special place in his heart and shaped him as a dancer, J-Hope made sure that Biana Bonnie received $2.7 million USD for him to remake the song.

The fact that he paid such a hefty price for the song and released it as a free mixtape track has fans admiring him more than before.

With the popularity of J-Hope’s version bringing attention to the original and the money that’ll be earned from streaming and other services, he made sure Bianca Bonnie received the credit she deserved.

Having once been in a position where people didn’t give his music the credit it deserved, J-Hope understood the importance of doing what he could.