BTS’s J-Hope Unwittingly Gave ARMY Everything They Needed To Prank Him 

If he didn’t see this coming, he should have.

BTS‘s J-Hope is a gifted artist, but he’s also a born comedian who gives fans amazing meme material without even trying.


From the “I hate snakes” era…

…to this J-Nose performance, J-Hope never fails to entertain ARMY with his great sense of humor.

Some of the best J-Hope memes come from BTS’s variety show, Run BTS. The show’s editors have given us this “system shutdown”…

Run BTS/Weverse

…the “human rights” emoji, and many more.

Run BTS/Weverse

One of fans’ recent favorites is the “WOW” meme from BTS’s wet and wild debate episode.

Run BTS/Weverse  

A fan turned the meme into a sign for BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Los Angeles. J-Hope’s reaction was priceless!

As J-Hope laughed, shaking his head, Jimin sang his praises; “Worldwide J-Hope. J-Hope handsome. Handsome guy…my bro.” (ARMY agrees, of course.)

Little did J-Hope know that this was just the beginning. After the concert, fans suggested this meme-ception idea.

Fast forward four months to BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concerts. This sign, which reads, “Your existence is the reason I live,” was shown on the big screen. After it caught J-Hope’s attention, the fan flipped their sign to reveal a new wow meme!

The sign made J-Hope burst out laughing…

…but nobody loved it more than V!

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