J-Hope Plotted Against His Members, But They Got The Last Laugh

BTS pulled the plot twist of the century.

When J-Hope became a villain, he had no idea how his dastardly plans would be foiled!


In Episode 72 of Run BTS!, BTS played the Mafia game: a battle of wits that involves persuasion, betrayal, and “murder” for the sake of self-preservation. The players are either mafia, innocent citizens, or a doctor (who has the power to save lives).


J-Hope rarely wins the Mafia game because his expressive face and talkativeness make him a suspect every time. His members quickly “killed” him in the first two rounds, but that was all just part of his plan!


Before the game started, the staff chose J-Hope as the X Man (spy). His mission? Make his team lose all three rounds. Everything seemed to be going J-Hope’s way…until it wasn’t.


Plot twist! Usually, the X Man is a secret, but this time BTS knew it was J-Hope all along! The whole game turned out to be a prank…


…and J-Hope’s reaction says it all!