J-Hope’s Childhood Dance Academy CEO Shares Details About His Past

She watched him grow from age 10 to age 16.

Today, BTS‘s J-Hope is a beacon of positivity for millions of fans, but 15 years ago, he was just Jung Hoseok, a little boy with a big dream.


From age 10 to age 16, J-Hope studied dance at Joy Dance Academy before joining BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment. The academy’s CEO, Park Daehong, recently talked about J-Hope’s academy years in an interview.


She said that J-Hope is one of the best dancers who ever graduated from Joy Dance Academy. CEO Park remembers him as a sincere, well-mannered, and hard-working student who could dance many different styles and only cared about music.


He was never a troublemaker. J-Hope had a clear goal in mind and a great sense of purpose that made him an ideal student. Aside from music, J-Hope was also interested in social issues, and he had a strong desire to participate in activities.


CEO Park is the one who introduced J-Hope to Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Si Hyuk. After seeing how J-Hope’s skills and how sincerely he worked, Bang Si Hyuk signed J-Hope to the company.


CEO Park says that even though J-Hope is a world star now, but he doesn’t let fame distract him. He’s still as humble and polite as ever. He still asks for advice from those around him, and he’s always respectful when speaking to people, even in phone calls.


CEO Park believes that J-Hope’s father, a teacher, had a positive influence on J-Hope’s temperament and worth ethic. She has nothing but praise for her former student, and is proud of the kind of person he has become.

Source: JNDN