BTS’s J-Hope Reveals His Biggest Fear And It’s Way Deeper Than The Members Thought

“I didn’t think he would go there!”

In a recent video collaboration with Vanity Fair, the members of BTS were quizzed on a variety of different questions about themselves to see just how much they know about each other.

When it came to J-Hope‘s turn, BTS was given the difficult task of figuring out his biggest fear! After considering for a short while, he scribbled an answer on his board and started taking guesses from the other guys.

How Well Does BTS Know Each Other? | BTS Game Show | Vanity Fair/YouTube

Jin kicked things off by asking if it was maybe his fear of heights. After all, the two of them had quite the bonding experience while riding on air balloons for a few concerts!

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Next, Jimin jumped in with his own suggestion – the fear of bugs! Most ARMYs have seen clips of J-Hope running away from them at least once during a funny video compilation.

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Suga was under the impression J-Hope could have written down the fear of rollercoasters. That would also make sense, considering he almost fainted while riding one in the past!

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And Jungkook tried playing to J-Hope’s humorous side with a much simpler guess: getting stains on his clothes!

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While J-Hope did agree that all of their answers up until that point were definitely things he is scared of, none of them were correct!

But then, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook thought they had it in the bag with their next three guesses:

RM: Not being able to perform on stage again?

Jungkook: Not being able to dance?

Jimin: Not being able to see ARMY again!

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Still, they were all wrong! So, J-Hope ended up telling them the final answer himself, laughing as the other members kicked themselves for not getting it sooner: the future!

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He then went into more a bit more detail about why he ultimately decided on that as his biggest fear.

The fear of the future is a fear everyone has. That’s why I thought I would say something a bit more profound for once.

— J-Hope

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