BTS J-Hope Reveals The Secret To His Superhuman Positivity And Energetic Dancing

His superpowers come from a very familiar source.

Whenever someone thinks of sunshine and positivity in relation to BTS, J-Hope is the member that takes the crown. His overflowing energy is in a league of its own.

In fact, his bright energy is so powerful that fans can’t resist feeling it as well. Since many ARMYs wondered how he could be so cheerful and energized, J-Hope gave everyone the answer by revealing his secret.

As ambassadors of Indonesian brand Tokopedia, the group sat down for an interview. Because Indonesia has been overwhelmed by a skyrocketing number of COVID-19 cases, the interviewer pointed out that many Indonesian fans have been able to handle the difficulties caused by coronavirus thanks to J-Hope’s positivity.

He even called J-Hope’s optimistic mindset and energetic dancing his superpower, asking if there was a secret behind it. Appreciating the compliment, J-Hope proudly flexed his arm before answering.

He revealed that the source of his superpower didn’t come from within himself. It came from ARMYs instead, “For me, I think it comes from people who cheer me on after they enjoy watching me dance.

That’s why J-Hope was able to show such a bright and energetic side of himself on stage. He’s ready to take in all the love from fans and convert it into his fuel, “That’s why, when I’m on stage, I’m always very energetic. It’s because the fans cheer me on.

Although J-Hope is naturally a big ball of positive energy—on and off stage—the support of ARMYs is what takes that superpower over the top.

See J-Hope flex his superpower and credit it to the ones who give him the power to harness it: their sweet fans.

Source: YouTube