BTS’s J-Hope Uses RM As His Own Personal Google When It Comes To Art

We can always count on RM!

When it comes to art, no one knows better than BTS‘s RM.

He’s a true art connoisseur. If you’re curious about his whereabouts, you’ll likely find him at an art museum. RM often spends his free time at one.

ARMYs can clearly see this through his Instagram feed too. He regularly updates with photos he’s taken at art museums or shares photos of works done by artists.

So, it’s no surprise that when a member has art-related questions, they will go to RM.

Recently, fellow art-lover J-Hope posted a picture of an artwork on the lounge wall at the company’s building. He tagged RM and asked him, #What_Work_Of_Art_Is_This? #A_Whole_Museum_Inside_Of_The_Lounge.”

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

RM quickly responded to J-Hope. He reposted the story, tagging the artist @.othoniel_studio

| @rkive/Instagram

This is the Instagram handle for French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. According to his bio, “Othoniel explores the properties of glass and tries to re-enchant the world.”

| @othoniel_studio/Instagram

We can see similar art pieces, if not the exact same piece as seen above in J-Hope’s post.

Othoniel has several similar pieces featured in his exhibition Narcissus Theorem. According to the artist, “blown-glass bricks from India are deployed in multiple works.” 

Bas-reliefs hung on the wall, like musical notations, variations in colored brick create a polyphony of delicate partitions hung on the museum walls. Using the same matrix during his days on lockdown, the artist expanded on his sculpture Precious Stonewall in bicolor paintings or monochromatic triptychs. Through his play with the glass bricks, beneath the radiant color and shimmering material, Othoniel asserts his connection to minimalism—each of his unique works was rigorously conceived in keeping with the quasi-spiritual and meditative ritual he adopted during the isolation imposed by the 2020 lockdown. This offered Othoniel the opportunity to return to his roots: the young artist’s work had first been informed by the minimalist art of Donald Judd and Carl Andre in the Musée d’art moderne de Saint-Etienne. While certain titles clearly refer to the Stonewall uprising in New York in 1969, this series of nineteen new works, which the artist characterizes as minimalist, also evokes the aesthetics and political involvement in the 1970s.

— @othoniel_ttudio/Instagram

RM’s knowledge and attentiveness are just a couple of the many traits that make him such a great leader!

RM | @rkive/Instagram
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