BTS’s J-Hope Says He Might Have To “Break His Promise” With ARMYs

He can’t decide, but he’s thinking about it.

In an interview done for the official fan club magazine published in Japan, BTS‘s J-Hope revealed a promise he made with ARMYs…


… and how he might have to break it soon! When the interview asked J-Hope to come up with a promise he wishes to keep with ARMYs, he revealed there is already an on-going one:

Actually, I already made a promise with ARMYs to not get my ears pierced.

— J-Hope


It has been known among ARMYs that J-Hope has kept his ears piercing-free for multiple reasons, including his father’s wish against it and his own will to keep it “natural” — plus the official unofficial reason being his fear of getting it done. For years, J-Hope has styled various fake earrings and ear cuffs to make up for his piercing-free ears!


But it seems, as J-Hope revealed in the interview, that he might be changing his mind after all! J-Hope shared that he has recently thought about and looked into getting his ears pierced.

It might be hard to keep that promise though… Because I’ve been giving more thought to it. I’m kind of undecided now. It’s complicated…

— J-Hope


While he called it “complicated” and remains torn between the choices, ARMYs do believe J-Hope in earrings will open up a whole new era of awesome styles and visuals!


Will J-Hope keep or break the promise with ARMYs? Only time will tell.

Source: Tistory