BTS’s J-Hope Shares His Heartfelt Birthday Wish

He deserves his hearts’ desires!

In case you missed it, BTS‘s J-Hope is celebrating his birthday today! He held a live broadcast to spend some time with fans and thank them for their birthday greetings and wishes.

During the broadcast, he ate seaweed soup as part of the Korean birthday celebration. He also shared that the jacket he was wearing was a birthday gift from Jin.

Because he was celebrating his birthday, J-Hope made a wish before he blew his birthday candles. His wish was very heartfelt and touching.

My goal for this year is not something grand, but to be a precious person to someone. As trivial as it might sound, it’s something amazing. Someone cherishing and adoring me. When there are many of them it’s extraordinary . The other way around, I want to treasure you all.

After hearing his wish, ARMYs made sure to shower J-Hope with all the love they can, while some also can’t help but guess that what J-Hope means is that he wants to find someone special.