BTS’s J-Hope Shares Secret Recipe For His Favorite “Hope Toast” Breakfast

It’s a sweet-savory bliss you can’t turn down.

BTS‘s J-Hope, in his awesome vlog filmed in Los Angeles while he was in the US for some “important business” with Becky G, was spotted filling his belly full with his breakfast of a champion!


Shortly after boasting his AM beauty…


J-Hope ordered a mountain of food to his room. He commented, “Today is the rehearsal day. I wanted to eat a hearty meal before heading out.”


And “hearty” was exactly what happened. J-Hope shared with ARMYs how he likes to have his morning toast, in a detailed “How-To-Make-Hope-Toast-101” segment of the vlog!


First, grab a piece of toast…


Spread a layer of butter, followed by a layer of blueberry — or J-Hope’s favorite, strawberry — jam on top.


Add some scrambled eggs on top, like an open sandwich…


And finish it off with strips of crispy bacon, for that savory kick!


J-Hope called this “Hope Toast” and looked completely blessed as he chomped away. And that is how he gave ARMYs some mad cravings for this sweet and savory goodness!

I can never have enough of these…!

— J-Hope


Trying to decide what to have for breakfast? (Or lunch, or dinner even.) Watch Chef Hobi’s “Hope Toast” tutorial here: