BTS’s J-Hope Admits There’s A Side Of Himself That Fans Don’t See…But He Wants Them To

He doesn’t show it to the public.

BTS‘s J-Hope is the famous happy pill of the group. He can often be seen wearing the brightest smile on his face, and his energy is always incredibly infectious. As fans would know, he easily lights up a room!

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

But similar to many people like him, he finds it impossible to maintain his positivity 24/7. J-Hope reflected on his true personality in an interview with W Korea when he was asked a question about his album.

Why would you think that the past has been ‘inside of the box’? I know it is a metaphor but why?

— W Korea

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According to the rapper, he recognizes that the music he released in the past had touches of immaturity. This time around, he wants to show a different side to his music than what people are used to. It’s why he had given it a darker and more serious tone.

There was some immature part of my music in the past, naturally. The immaturity has its own vibe and I do not want to deny those times. However, I wanted to bring out the darker, somewhat serious, and agonizing self, apart from the bright side that people are used to.

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope then explained that he is aware people recognize him for his optimistic and bright personality. However, his energy is not as limitless as it appears. He also experiences moments of silence, which is why he even questioned who he really is—an upbeat person or not?

People see me as always upbeat and full of energy but the moment I stepped inside home, I am literally, knocked out. That makes me wonder, which one is truly myself.

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

After some thought, he realized that both are part of who he is. He wants to use his music to show fans that there is more to his personality than what they’re used to seeing.

I figured that I do come on both sides and decided to open the box and show a little more of me,” he concluded.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

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Source: W Korea