BTS’s J-Hope Is Sunshine, Not Only For ARMYs But For His Teammates Too

“He was born with a positive energy.”

During their interview for the official fan club magazine for the Japanese ARMYs, BTS members praised J-Hope for being their forever ray of sunshine. So it seems J-Hope’s extra-positive energy reaches not only ARMYs worldwide, but also his very own teammates!


RM pointed out that J-Hope will always brighten up the mood for everyone, even when things aren’t looking too good. That being said, RM thanked J-Hope for taking that burden off the leader’s shoulders. J-Hope is definitely a sturdy pillar of support for RM!

It’s always super fun to be around J-Hope. Even when things aren’t looking too good, J-Hope will make the first move and try to brighten up the mood. So I’m really grateful for that.

— RM


Jin agreed with RM and commented that J-Hope is super fun to have by his side. According to Jin, J-Hope will never turn down an opportunity to make a fool of himself to put a smile on other people’s faces! For Jin, J-Hope is a true bundle of joy that makes Jin laugh.

If I ask J-Hope, ‘Express your feelings in dance moves,’ he’ll whine like, ‘Please stop making me do things like this.’ But he’ll still do it for me, every single time.

— Jin


Like so, Suga shared that J-Hope always manages to bring out his energetic side. While Suga tends to be on the calm and composed side, it doesn’t stop J-Hope from hyping up Suga like no other! J-Hope is, so to speak, like Suga’s energy boosting drink that gives him wings!

J-Hope as a person has a naturally positive vibe. When I’m by myself, I’m more quiet and relaxed. But with J-Hope, I’m more energetic.

— Suga


The maknae (youngest) line also highly praised J-Hope’s contagious positivity and thanked him for always being the good hyung (older brother) who brightens up their days. Jimin revealed, as roommates, J-Hope looks after him and that makes him feel special. For Jimin, J-Hope is a warming, loving ray of sunshine that will always glisten upon him!

J-Hope and I are roommates. And when I fall asleep on the floor, he’ll come and scold me to go sleep comfortably on the bed. I’m actually thankful for that.

— Jimin


V and Jungkook both had only the best things to say about J-Hope and his out-of-this-world positive energy. Jungkook claimed J-Hope is “a good person” who will always make Jungkook feel happy.

J-Hope is super optimistic and he’s so real too. So whenever I’m with him, I’m happy. I ride with him or eat with him often. He’s such a good person. I love him so much.

— Jungkook


For V, J-Hope is an eternal fountain of goodness.

There has not been a single moment when I didn’t feel happy when I was with J-Hope. He was born with a positive energy. He always picks up my mood and gives me that same happy vibe too.

— V


V’s comment about J-Hope is, perhaps, how ARMYs too have felt about J-Hope since the group’s debut. J-Hope is, exactly as the name suggests, hope. As far as ARMYs know, there has not been a single moment they didn’t feel happy with J-Hope either!