BTS’s J-Hope Was Ready To Throw Hands At Their Translator Who Wasn’t Doing His Job During Their Interview

His body language was directly saying “J-nope, I’m not having it”.

It seems like BTS‘s was right all along — when it comes to the scariest BTS members, J-Hope really deserves one of the top spots.

If you’re not yet convinced, just look at how J-Hope handled the translator in their interview with

It all started with an “Ask Me Anything” segment during their interview: an ARMY asked a dating question related to BTS.

RM answered first by saying that he has to know her playlist.

And Jimin answered the question in his native tongue.

On the left side of the screen, you can see their translator putting his mic to his face. RM was about to translate, but he motioned for the translator to do it instead.

J-Hope saw that RM was struggling to translate Jimin’s answer…

…so he told the translator to take over and basically do his job.

You can also see that he looked a bit annoyed when he looked at RM to talk to him since he wasn’t smiling.

And since he didn’t want RM to struggle in translating for them anymore, he took matter into his own hands by getting the mic from RM in the end.

Since J-Hope and all of the BTS members know how much RM works hard for them, they try to help him as much as they can during interviews so he won’t have a difficult time.

This is an example of how J-Hope can seem bright and energetic and positive most of the time — but if he doesn’t like what you’re doing, he’ll show you his serious side for sure. That’s what a friend is supposed to be, right?