BTS’s J-Hope Took Fans On A In-Depth Tour Of HYBE INSIGHT, And Now We Need To Visit ASAP

It is a must-visit place for any ARMY!

In May, HYBE opened their new HYBE INSIGHT museum offering fans an engaging and immersive experience unlike any other. BTS‘s J-Hope recently visited the experience and shared his visit with fans on the group’s YouTube page.

The first thing that fans see J-Hope looking at is a series of pictures and videos on the walls looking at the group’s history, including old performances and photoshoots. In particular, J-Hope saw a video of when his first mixtape was released and a performance from the group that, upon seeing Jimin, made J-Hope feel nostalgic.

With so many interactive elements, J-Hope was right in thinking that fans would love the chance to visit. From a movable cog to content adorning the walls on projectors, it’s a must-see for any ARMY!

If that wasn’t enough, J-Hope also showcased the drama and theatrics of the exhibit with doors that open, making you feel just like you’re about to walk on stage for a concert.

With another room behind it, J-Hope became immersed in a room that felt like being on another planet. Fans even got a look at the massive trophy case, showcasing all of the group’s achievements over the years.

After seeing some artwork drawn by the members known for their artistic skills, J-Hope took fans a part of the exhibit, which just looks cool! Upon seeing a giant speaker, a staff member explained that if you hold it, you could feel the group’s track “DNA.” At first, J-Hope seemed confused, but he soon felt the impact.

Of course, it isn’t an interactive museum without a game similar to tap-tap mobile games. Yet, it was the next part that really emphasized the company’s desire to be immersive.

With the sound of “Euphoria” echoing around the room, J-Hope was treated to the smell of the track. It allowed fans to block out any distractions in the minimalistic room and focus on the track’s message.

The next stop seemed to be many BTS memorabilia, from outfits, props, and photos of the members from various eras in their careers. With so many things to see, it is definitely a trip down memory lane.

After viewing the final exhibit, J-Hope arrived at one of the best parts of any museum experience, and that is the gift shop. With adorable pins, albums, and some food to buy, it gives fans one last chance to take a piece of the experience home!

Yet, the final stop was a look at a replica version of the music video for the group’s track “Life Goes On.” With a chance to place yourself in the set, it is the perfect way to end any tour. Make sure to watch the whole tour below.