BTS’s J-Hope Is Truly Everyone’s Sunshine…And We Can’t Thank Him Enough For It

Hobi our sunshine!

BTS‘s J-Hope is truly one-of-a-kind in that he radiates a kind of energy that only he can give. It’s no wonder fans call him ‘Hobi our sunshine’ because he truly does brighten up everyone’s day! He’s able to bring a positive and happy atmosphere to any situation and honestly, how can you not smile with him looking at you like that!

In fan-taken photos, you can see that he is always smiling and looking happy.

His big smile is the cure to any sadness or anger and is an instant remedy for those that feel down!

| theqoo

He can be serious when he is in dancer mode, but his nickname was still ‘smile hoya’ when he was a street dancer!

Even during performances where the other members are showing off their serious faces, J-Hope continues to be the one smiling.

You can always count on J-Hope to bring the laughter.

He is always seen smiling while other members talk!

Even when a member cracks a joke that isn’t necessarily funny, J-Hope is there to the rescue to laugh and make them feel better.

You can see his biggest and goofiest laughs during fan meetings while he engages in conversation with fans!

We love our sunshine J-Hope and we must protect him at all costs!