BTS’s J-Hope Is Coming For The Stylists’ Jobs And We’re All For It

J-Hope helped V get camera-ready on set.

Dancer, rapper, mood maker, teacher. BTS‘s J-Hope has many talents, but fans recently discovered one that’s making everybody smile.


In Episode 74 of Run BTS!, the members transformed into actors to film scenes for their very own K-Drama. On set, J-Hope took on the role of “mental care” stylist by seeing if his members needed any help getting camera-ready.


Since is an actor in their K-Drama, J-Hope decided that his lips should look their very best. He applied lip balm for V in a very comical, J-Hope way…


…making V (and viewers) laugh!


Run BTS!‘s stylists might want to step up their game because if J-Hope ever wants their job for real, he can definitely take it!