J-Hope’s Extreme Struggle With A Virtual Roller Coaster Is Entertaining AF

He forgot about the “virtual” in “virtual reality”.

Some people are born brave. And then there’s J-Hope.


This talented rapper/dancer is a founding member of BTS‘s “scaredy-cat line”. Horror movies and zombie scarehouses give him mini-strokes. He’s also not a fan of roller coasters.


Like, really, really not a fan.


So, in Episode 81 of Run BTS!, J-Hope was basically doomed. BTS faced off in a series of gravity-defying, virtual reality (VR) games, and to practice, the members played a few mini-games.


J-Hope might have been okay with VR skateboarding, but no. He didn’t get to do that. Instead, he had to ride a VR coaster.


As soon as the game started, J-Hope forgot the “virtual” in “virtual reality”.


Every twist and drop felt 100% real…


…and his panicked screams made everyone nearly die laughing!


In the end, J-Hope.exe shut down…


…just like he does on a real ride!


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