ARMYs Can’t Get Enough Of BTS J-Hope’s Voice Featured In His Sister’s Latest Vlog

We need more Jung family content!

Previously, BTS’s J-Hope vacationed in Hawaii with his family before returning to Korea and spent some much needed quality time with his family. This trip was even more special as it was the first time since debut that the members would be spending the holidays with their families.

Lucky for fans, J-Hope’s older sister Jung Jiwoo, filmed several vlogs of the trip, giving a glimpse into the Jung family’s vacation. Throughout the videos, fans were able to catch snippets of J-Hope’s voice and actions, which only made them fall more in love with him.

In her most recent vlog, fans were able to hear J-Hope’s sweet voice and words that he used with his family, as well as actions that showed just how much of a sweetheart he really is!

1. What a gentleman

Here, Jiwoo is having trouble opening her can because of her nails, so J-Hope opens it for her with no hesitation! His voice sounds charming as he chats with his sister and mom!

2. Such a sweetheart

His mother is cutting the food carefully, revealing that J-Hope doesn’t like the sound of knives scratching the plate. J-Hope thanks his mother by saying, “Yes~ I love you”.

3. His voice sounds different when he’s with family

As J-Hope chats away at his experiences of ordering food in different countries, fans couldn’t help but notice how calm and deep his voice was when talking with his family.

4. Smooth driving

A snippet of J-Hope in the driver’s seat was seen in the vlog, which had fans wishing they were sitting in the passenger seat!

We’re loving this extra content of J-Hope from his sister! You can watch the full vlog below!

Source: YouTube