BTS’s J-Hope Wishes Super Junior’s Leeteuk A Happy Birthday

How cute are they!

Recently, Super Junior’s Leeteuk held a live stream on YouTube to celebrate his birthday. In the broadcast, which was held at an indoor golf driving range, Leeteuk called other Super Junior members and interacted with fans.

When one fan commented that they were watching the live broadcast with their mother, who plays golf, Leeteuk said, “Oh that’s right. A lot of people congratulated me on my birthday,” and revealed that BTS’s J-Hope contacted him on his birthday and said, “Hyung I’m late. I’m so sorry. Happy birthday.”

He also revealed that he had promised to play golf with J-Hope’s mother but still hadn’t gone because it was hard to set a date. He added, “Mother, let’s set up a date and go!”

It’s been known that Leeteuk and J-Hope first met while living as neighbors. Back in 2019, Leeteuk revealed on JTBC’s Knowing Bros that he first met J-Hope’s parents while living in the same apartment complex.

At that time, Leeteuk didn’t know J-Hope’s number, but kept in touch with his mother. His relationship with J-Hope and his family became close and have been continuing their friendship for three years.

Source: herald corp