BTS’s J-Hope Explained That No, He Isn’t Flying Low — It’s Just Fashion

He wanted fans to know the facts about his “EGO” outfit.

When you mix style with sunshine and comedy, you get BTS‘s J-Hope!

On February 4, BangtanTV posted a behind the scene video for BTS’s “EGO” comeback trailer, starring J-Hope. In it, J-Hope shows fans his freestyle moves, the music video’s set, and his outfits.

“You’ll see something new,” he said. “There are eight outfits today. No, nine. My outfit will keep changing.”

He drew special attention to this street-chic outfit in a way nobody expected. At first glance, it may look like J-Hope is flying low, but that’s not the case!

“It is zipped,” he assured viewers, gesturing to his jeans. “It’s the design.”

Was this explanation necessary? Probably not. Are we all loving it? Absolutely!

Watch the full episode here: