J-Hope’s Reaction To Winning First Place On Music Bank Goes Viral

The member was seen basically exploding with happiness after seeing the jaw-dropping results of the win, much to the amusement of fans!

On February 24, BTS‘s “Spring Day” and Red Velvet‘s “Rookie” were both nominated for first place on KBS Music Bank. As the scores were being tallied up, BTS’s J-Hope could be seen shaking with anticipation and excitement. After seeing the astounding final score of 13250 points, J-Hope’s eyes widened in astonishment of BTS’s big win and made a hilarious shocked expression!

Not only did this mark the 3rd win of BTS’s “Spring Day,” but it also ranked as the highest score among all the 1st place winners on Music Bank ever since the scoring system changed in 2013.

Jimin proceeded to give the winning speech as he thanked their fans for all their love and support. Earlier on the show, the BTS members had promised to reveal Jin‘s and Jimin’s special choreography for “Spring Day” if they won 1st place. As promised, Jin showed off his adorable and creative dance moves during their encore stage.

Check out the video of BTS getting their 3rd win and of their encore stage below!

In other news, BTS will be preparing for their 2017 Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour after finishing their promotions.