BTS’s Jeweler Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At BTS’s Comeback Wardrobe

Quantez has shown ARMY the accessories BTS may wear in their comeback MV.

ARMYs have received a first look at BTS‘s comeback wardrobe and, spoiler alert, it’s bling-tastic!


BTS began their career with “No More Dream” and an edgy, hip-hop look that has transformed from comeback…


…to comeback. There’s no telling what BTS’s style team has planned this time, but fans are now brainstorming some ideas, thanks to Quantez.


Quantez, a jeweler who has designed custom pieces for BTS, recently answered fans’ questions in an Instagram live. Although he could not confirm this, Quantez said that one of the new BTS pieces he designed may be featured in BTS’s comeback MV.

Used it in the music video. Next coming up music video, so check them out.

— Quantez


Quartez was referring to this “iced out” Cuban choker.


This glittering chain combines BTS’s hip hop roots and the “royalty” status they have achieved through their worldwide success.


Some fans suspect that it might be worn by a member of the rap line. The choker is strikingly similar to accessories that Suga has worn in the past.


One fan has called the choker a more “expensive” version of “No More Dream”, while another fan is hoping for a royalty concept.


Quantez also posted this sparkling “J” necklace back in February.


The necklace, which will most likely be worn by one of BTS’s “J” members, matches well with the Cuban collar and goes for the same “hip hop royalty” look.


Although it’s unclear when or where BTS will wear these “iced out” accessories, fans are looking forward to it!