BTS’s J-Hope Films “Arson” Music Video In One Shot, Showcasing His True Professionalism

J-Hope’s dedication even impressed the director.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently released his new album Jack in the Box, along with music videos for his title tracks “MORE” and “Arson.”

BTS’s J-Hope’s “Jack in the Box” cover | @uarmyhope/Instagram

The album showed a new side of J-Hope and explored darker concepts than he has in his previous work.

In the music video for “Arson,” J-Hope is seen ominously walking toward the camera, away from a burning picture of a home while cars and props go up in flames around him.

Clip from the “Arson” music video | HYBE LABEL/YouTube

The music video brings to life the topic of his fame that he explores in his lyrics. He tells how he set out to chase his dreams and achieved more than he or his fellow BTS members expected.

Setting the fire
Is something I did for myself
Who knew the world
Would go up in flames
I see my marks after things cooled down
Fire too big to put out, it was serious arson

— Lyrics from “Arson”

As explosions erupt in the background and people run through the frame in flames, it’s hard to take your eyes off J-Hope’s charismatic performance. His performance is even more impressive as he reveals the hard work that went into the music video’s creation in his behind-the-scenes vlog.

J-Hope shared that he had a heavy hand in the creative direction for his “Arson” music video.


In the latter half of the music video, J-Hope’s clothes become torched from walking through the explosions and flames. Behind the scenes, the creative team was hard at work perfecting J-Hope’s wardrobe, stitching his jumpsuit, and painting it to appear as if it had been burned.

J-Hope reviewed the process and gave it his seal of approval, loving how the concept was coming together.


On set, J-Hope showed additional details that were thoughtfully placed in the background, hinting at different monumental moments in his life.


When it came time to film, J-Hope had a critical eye on his performance, even after the director praised him.


One of the reasons J-Hope was so critical of his performance was because the music video scenes were filmed in one take.


While he filmed two different long scenes, they were both separately filmed in one shot. For a one-shot take to work, many factors must work together, from the timing of the explosions and J-Hope’s acting to uncontrollable elements such as the weather.


Fire and explosions make filming in one shot especially tricky as it can be challenging to reset if a take goes wrong.

J-Hope meticulously planned his shot with the director beforehand to ensure nothing went wrong. As the filming began, the crew counted down before the explosions to J-Hope would know when to expect the sound.


As expected, J-Hope delivered the performance of a true professional and pulled it off in one take.


J-Hope and the team celebrated his perfect shot, relieved that their hard work had paid off.


Check out J-Hope’s “Arson” music video below to see how it all turned out!

Source: YouTube